VantageRobotics Snap System Drone (June, 2016)

$1,295.00 $895.00

Product images courtesy of VantageRobotics

Offering a refreshingly new take on the drone, the Snap is a modular system drone that can be upgraded and modified in seconds much like a DSLR camera and its lenses. The Snap’s folding thrusters attach magnetically to the body, meaning they can me taken on and off in no time or switched out for different thrusters, adding tons of versatility. Besides being a system drone, the Snap is also innovative in its flight capabilities and interface, with smartphone or two stick controller piloting, automatic cinema style shots, a smart geofence, and subject tracking. Thanks to the modular design, you won’t have to buy a completely new drone to get upgrades like obstacle avoidance, improved flight time, or increased speed. With such a unique and innovative design, the Snap could be the next big thing in drone technology.

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