Pentax K-1


Product images courtesy of B&H

It’s here. Finally, after all the build-up and hype, the first ever full frame Pentax DSLR is here, and it’s a beauty. The K-1 takes a refreshing approach to the full frame, professional DSLR and shows why Pentax has a devoted following that stays far away from the high prices of Canon, Nikon, and Sony. Like all Pentax cameras, this one doesn’t spend your money on useless features to pad its spec sheet, but gives you the absolute best quality where it counts. With a superbly sharp sensor, innovative use of sensor shift technology, a uniquely articulated LCD screen, robust and bright viewfinder, a weather sealed body, and loads of physical controls, the K-1 is arguably the best full frame camera on the market, but at about half the price of the competition.

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